Así nació el e-comercio

Así nació el e-comercio

Primeras maquetas prototipo de comercio electrónico año 1997
Diseño Jorge Queralt Paredes

P&B Suport al Venedor


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Projecte P&B

P & B Project
Perramon and Badia is a company founded in 1926 dedicated since its inauguration to the production of ribbons and woven labels. During these 70 years of history, P & B has maintained an innovative line that has allowed it in one of the first places on the market. To achieve this, P & B has been constantly evolving by restructuring its departments at all times, incorporating the latest technologies and highly qualified personnel.

The product of Perramón and Bahia has as a starting point, a team of professionals dedicated to the creation and search for novelties, which have the latest design tools and receive direct information on the fashion trends of the market. For the manufacture, it has a park of looms that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and is open to incorporate all the innovations necessary to maintain its high level of quality.

Perramón and Badia are presenting their new features twice a year at one of the most important textile fairs in the world: ‘Primere Visión de Paris’, and last September opened a Show Room at the permanent exhibition of Sant Quirze del Vallés’ BMC’-Barcelona Fashion Center-.

This forces the organization to make a constant effort of creation, in order to offer customers new proposals, meet the market demand and give a strong stimulus for sale. Its technological development allows a significant cost reduction, which has a direct impact on the prices of its products and on its competitiveness. P & B is attentive to all the innovations necessary to continue this pace of evolution, aware of the commercial, production and competitiveness advantages that it entails enjoying the latest technologies, being able to face the future, and its challenges, with the conviction of being highly qualified

In this regard, P & B has the need to provide agile and effective answers to both the company’s internal personnel and commercial agents and clients, using the most appropriate methods of communication. As a result of this need, the collaboration between Perramón & Badia and Artem was born, to study the utility and viability of incorporating an intranet (or corporate internet).

The first thing that was done was to hold a joint working session between some representatives of each of the departments of Artem and the management team of P & B to know the characteristics and operation of the exchange of information between their control of the company and its commercial agents, with the aim of meeting the needs of the company and specifying the project.

The next step was to discuss what type of information was to be incorporated and how it should be distributed, paying special attention to the aspects of design and presentation to make it as pleasant as possible. When this was done, a model proposal was proposed as a first approximation of what the project should be. This proposal was exhibited in Perramón and Bahía, which provided the changes they deemed opportune.

Subsequently, the model was started by incorporating all the information compiled previously and taking into account all those aspects that had been discussed in the previous meetings.

Once the model was made, it was presented to Perramón and Bahía, who studied it and discussed it internally in order to expand and improve it.

Subsequently, there was another working session to define the human and technical requirements necessary to carry out the implementation of the intranet. In this sense, we must mention two ways of work; On the one hand it is necessary to clearly define the scope of the intranet to fix the requirements of so many servers as telecommunication lines. And, on the other hand, contacts must be maintained with the commercial and personal agents of the company, who are in fact the final users of the intranet, to study the best method of implementation of the company.